Wp-NicEdit Updated version 1.0 released

It is more than a week since I released my last plugin  for associating unique header image with each single article of wordpress.

This time I am back again with another plugin “WP-NicEdit”.It’s is a wysiwyg type rich text editor for comments section.

As you may see from the original website of NicEdit(by Brian Kirchoff) http://nicedit.com,He has released a newer version of NicEdit,which has a better well defined API for  extending it.

So I integrated it again to wordpress and that too much more easier than the previous version.

Current features include

1.wysiwyg editor(Choose whether you want default or you want a full panel from admin->settings->Wp NicEdit Settings page.

Settings for Wp-NicEdit

2.It allows you to do copy paste using keyboard shortcuts(not available in the older version).

For general information about the wp-nicedit ,please visit my post here http://www.thinkinginwordpress.com/2008/07/wp-nicedit-a-wysiwyg-comment-editor-for-wordpress/.There you will find the help on installation.Or use readme.txt included as a guide.

The current version of wp-NicEdit allows you to choose either the editor in default mode or in Extended mode from admin->settings->Wp NicEdit settings page.

Download the plugin from official plugin directory of wordpress here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-nicedit

here are some more screenshots of the nic edit.

Default mode enabled

Extended mode enabled

Please see the comment area of this page for a real world view of Wp NicEdit(note:I have enabled default mode)

if you liked it or  you have any issue,please drop a message here ,I will help you in all possible ways and love to see your messages here.

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