Limit Number of Blogs per User for wordpress Mu and BuddyPress website/blog network

Well, It’s a small post after a long time. This time, I am back with a plugin for wordpress MU. There might have been times when as a site admin of wpmu site, you wished to limit the number of blogs a user can register. My plugin, limitBlogsPU(limit blogs per user), solves this problem. So, what it does do.

  • It adds an option to the options page when you are logged in as site admin of the wpmu site(or wpmu+buddyppress site), Look at the bottom of the options page, and You will see a text box like this asking for a number of blogs allowed per user. If you set it to zero(which is the default), It will not restrict the blog registration then.
  • It works only if you have allowed user registration, otherwise, this becomes useless if the registration is disabled.
  • When, a logged-in user clicks on register blog (or register another blog, It checks, whether the current user has already reached the restricted number of blogs), if not then the registration form is shown, otherwise it returns none on filter “wpmu_active_signup” , restricting the wpmu to not show registration form.

Who needs this plugin?

  • Any wpmu(wordpress Mu)  site owner, interested in a limited number of blogs registered per user
  • Any Wpmu+buddypress(Social networking plugin) based social network owner, interested in restricting a number of blogs per user.

Where Can you Download?

Currently, You can download it from my blog here from the official wordpress plugin repository: .

Installation and setup:-

  1. Download the plugin from here
  2. Unzip the plugin and upload the file “limit-bogs-per-user.php“  to your mu-plugins folder. If you have never worked with wpmu before, please read my post WordPress Mu Plugins Installation, sitewide Plugins vs. per blog plugin.
  3. Now The plugin will be automatically activated, please log in to the wordpress backend as Site Administrator(site owner)

4. Go to SiteAdmin-> Options page as shown below 

limit the number of blogs

Now look at the bottom of the options page, you will find something like this There you will find, a value of 0 initially. Now you may set it to any number. The number indicates, the allowed number of blogs per user. I hope It will certainly help some of you.

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