How To Build A Blog With Elementor And Astra In 2022?

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Are you having trouble finding a theme for your blog that accomplishes exactly what it is that you want it to accomplish? Because there are so many options available, the expression “looking for a needle in a haystack” is particularly apt in this context.

Why not just use a flexible lightweight theme that gives you the ability to accomplish precisely what you want to do, rather than wasting time trying to locate a theme that is hard-coded to perform exactly what you need? With no prior knowledge of computer programming required at all!

This is the benefit that your blog could have from utilizing Elementor in conjunction with the Astra theme. And in this piece, you are going to find out exactly how you can use these two free tools to establish an incredible blog in a time that is significantly less than an hour.

Step 1: Build Blog Foundatation

Installing The Astra theme and the free Starter Templates plugin that goes along with it is necessary in order to lay the groundwork for your blog.

Both add-ons are available for download from the website, allowing you to install them without ever having to leave the WordPress dashboard:

  • Astra theme
  • Starter Templates plugin

Step 2: Import The Starter Templates

You are now ready to import your blog design after you have completed the installation of the Astra theme and the Astra Starter templates plugin.

Within the dashboard of your WordPress site, navigate to the Appearance menu, then select Astra Options, and finally select Starter Templates.

After that, you will want to make certain that you choose the Elementor page builder option.

After that, you will be presented with a list of all of the beginning templates that are available for import. Certain templates denoted as Premium, call either the Astra Essential Bundle or the Astra Growth Bundle to be used. Use the “Free” tab instead if you do not wish to be shown these; it is available to you.

Click on the design you want to use once you’ve found one that you like (the starter site we’re using for this lesson is the Coach starter site). After that, in the live preview, begin the process of importing by clicking the Import Site button.

After the procedure has been completed, you can access your site by clicking the button once more.

Step 3: Customize Your Blog

After you have imported your demo site, you will be ready to personalize your blog in a way that is truly unique to you.

You can accomplish this by utilizing the granular Customizer settings provided by the Astra theme. without the requirement of having any knowledge of code.

This help page contains information on the many controls that are available in the Customizer.

To use the Customizer, navigate to the Appearance menu in your WordPress dashboard and select the Customize option.

This section functions similarly to a sandbox in that none of the changes you make will take effect until you click the Publish button. You will see a real-time preview of the changes you make, and you won’t be able to screw anything up even if you try! So go ahead and play about with it!

Step 4: How to Customizing Your Core Pages With Elementor

Astra enables you to make a wide variety of adjustments to the look and layout of your blog. However, the Elementor page builder was used to create all of the essential pages for your blog, including the homepage, about, and other pages.

You can personalize these pages by utilizing the drag-and-drop interface that Elementor provides. Simply select the Edit with Elementor option from the menu.

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked our article on How you can build a Blog with Elementor and Astra. If you have any suggestions or queries then do let us know in the comment section.

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