Autoactivate Users and Blogs at Buddypress Signup

This plugin is not working currently as pointed in comments by pierre and ray.

If you are using this plugin, as ray points in the forum here , You must use some way to prevent spam, It can increase the spam signups as it does not require users to validate the signup.

So be aware of it, I will advise using SI-Captcha plugin or any other plugin which is meant for stopping spams.

The signup process for buddypress can be a difficult thing for users who don’t want to wait for the activation mail or don’t want to click activation mails.
Well,here is a simple solution which works with buddypress 1.1 and I have tested it with the point release buddypress 1.1.1.

The plugin BP Auto activate User and Blog activates user account as soon as they finish the signup details by entering the details.
Well,if you are a proud owner of buddypress based social network and want to save your users from going through the activation hassle,this plugin is for you .

Please Note,I have tested it with wpmu 2.8.4a and buddypress 1.1.1 (so I assume It will not work with buddypress 1.0.3 as the registration process has quiet changed from 1.0.3 to 1.1).

If you want a version of this plugin for bp 1.0.3 ,please let me know,If there is an enough demand,I will put another plugin which will work with buddypress 1.0.3.

Well,here is the link for downloading the plugin.
BP Auto activate User and Blog at Signup (866)


and here is the screen shot of what happens when your user clicks on “Complete Signup”

Please note again.
It works with the new buddypress theme with improved registration.So It will not work with buddypress 1.0.3.

Now happy social networking and do let me know,how it goes with you.Want more stuff,keep yourself tuned.There are many more plugins yet to come.I will like to see your suggestions for buddypress based plugins[obviously you will get credits for your ides :)

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