Allow Users to set their own Password at Buddypress Registration page

Here is the plugin Cosmic BP User Signup Password to allow all you buddypress site owners/developers to let your users choose their own password at the time of registration.

We[Cosmic Coders] developed this plugin,as there is no alternative currently available either free or premium.Currently,no plugin allows the user to set their own password at the time of registration in buddypress powered social network.

So finally,after going through all the threads(where no solutions were available),we decided to develop this plugin.Now you can use our plugin Cosmic BP User Signup Password and make the registration experience far more better for your users.And yes,as our all other plugins,It’s free.

How it works

When someone opens your site’s  registration/signup page ,this plugin adds an input field of type password.

So,a user can enter his/her own password.This password is saved in signup meta until the account is activated.

Once your user activates his her account,tey see the get the password,which they set at the time of registration.Once the account is activated,the signup meta is cleaned to remove the password and prevent any security issue.

Now ,I hope you want a download link,here is it.Get it from official wordpress Plugin directory

Or click here for a direct download link

How to Install

It is pretty simple,you can use any of the tree methods.

  1. You can simply use the plugin browsers from wp-admin->Plugins->add new and upload and activate this plugin.
  2. Or upload cosmic-bp-user-signup-password folder to wp-content/plugin ,go to wp-admin/plugins->Installed and activate Cosmic BP User Signup Password
  3. Since,It works with wpmu+buddypress, just copy the file ‘cc-bp-user-password.php‘ and upload it to wp-content/mu-plugins and you are done

Please let us know,if you find any issue,We will be glad to assist you.

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